The only public blockchain with
full cross-chain compatibility.
All with zero fees.

Lightning Fast Transfers and Zero Fees

Lattice Network can process 100,000 transactions per second and scale to thousands of external chain nodes. Transactions are finalized within a second and with zero fees.

Fully Secure

Our Quantum AI security prevents any hacker attacks or risk of information loss, and ensures full user ownership of data. Our AI Delegated Proof-of-Vote (AIDPOV) consensus mechanism allows transactions to be processed asynchronously. This increases the speed and throughput of transactions, removing the need for mining, and unlocking unparalleled security and scalability


Our Multidimensional Block Lattice Structure prevents network strain and cleverly handles the scalability and energy consumption issues that other chains hold.

Multi-Chain Compatibility

Lattice Network is compatible with all major Layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron, Solana, Polygon, and many more to come.

How Lattice Network Compares to Other Blockchains

Join the Proof-of-Vote

Unlike proof-of-work and proof-of-stake, Lattice Network's proof-of-vote consensus mechanism requires NO mining, which makes our blockchain computing fully eco-friendly and fully scalable. Using a PoV consensus algorithm allows every account to freely choose a representative at any time to vote on their behalf, even when the delegating account itself is offline. Their fault tolerance and strong mathematical proofs ensure high security and stability, all with lightning fast transactions and zero fees.

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Start Building on Lattice Network

Our Lattice Network docs are all you need to get started building, whether its a wallet, gamefi, metaverse, tokenised art asset platform, payment system or any blockchain-based application. Lets scale Web3 together.

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A Fully EVM Compatible

Lattice Network is fully compatible with Virtual
Machines such as Ethereum and other scalable
Layer 2 sidechains, allowing you to easily deploy
and scale your Dapps.

Developer Friendly

Jumpstart your development with our
comprehensive docs ranging from front-end to
back-end modules.

Open Source

Lattice Network’s fast, eco-friendly network is
completely open-source and decentralized. Anyone
can read its code, monitor progress, comment, and
contribute to the future of the network.

Use Cases


Lattice Network is fully compatible with
other Layer 1 and 2 blockchain networks.
Now you can tap into the power of Blockchain,
gain access to a global audience, and
scale your business, all while cutting
out blockchain fees and speeding up
smart construct processes.

Institutions, Enterprises,
and Governments

Lattice Network empowers the world’s
leading institutions to develop and scale
global solutions using blockchain
technology. Launch digital assets, build
interfaces, and streamline payments
without ever sacrificing on security.

Digital Art Assets and Metaverse

Mint and trade tokenised art assets in seconds with none of those dreaded gas fees. Build a fully scalable tokenised art asset platform that works across chains. Unlock the potential of the metaverse.

Join the Lattice community.

Join a fast-growing and global community of builders, ushering in
the new era of the internet.


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